Cheer Up Luv is an internationally recognised photo series and platform founded by Eliza Hatch retelling accounts of public sexual harassment.

Survivors are photographed in public places related to their experience, and their stories are featured here.




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“I was 18, walking alone in Paris. I saw a guy walking towards me. He started talking to me, but I walked away. About 15 mins later, I looked back and realised he was following me for 1 mile. I felt so scared and decided to go somewhere crowded. Then I felt someone pull my hand and drag me into a narrow street. A man was watching us, but he walked away. I was already crying. Finally I saw the face and it was the guy who talked to me. He whispered something in French and giggled. I can't remember exactly how I ran away. But I clearly remember how I felt. That was my first time I touched a man’s penis. And also that was my first kiss.”



“I was doing some work experience and it was only a two week placement. My supervisor began the first week by showing me his wedding photos, by the second week he was trying to touch me, cuddle or tickle me. On my last day, he got put in charge and made sure every task I had was alone with him. He tickled me again so I told him to stop. He then grabbed both my arms pressed himself against me with my legs apart and pinned my legs down. He stayed there with his face close to mine and only got off me when someone else came into the room. I wanted to run and cry, but I just walked out in shock.”



"I was walking down a street in Manhattan when I saw a man walking towards me. His daughter was holding his hand and his young son was behind him on a scooter. As the distance between us got shorter I could tell that he was intensely staring at me, studying my legs, my sundress, my cleavage. Just as our paths crossed he lunged toward me and whispered, ‘Mmmm, I’d like to taste your chocolate.’ I was most horrified that his daughter was right there, watching her father verbally assault me, while his son was behind learning from his actions."


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