The Cheer Up Luv Podcast is based on the popular Instagram account and critically acclaimed photo series, @CheerUpLuv. Featuring in ELLEDazed, Hunger, The I Paper, Grazia, The Sun and Bricks Magazine

In this podcast, Eliza interviews artists, activists and creatives about their work, and discusses submitted stories of sexual harassment from the Cheer Up Luv community, with the aim of dismantling myths and challenging some of the stigmas that have become normalised in our day to day lives. Guests include: Megan Barton Hanson, Amika George, Gina Martin, Jamie Windust, Charlie Craggs, Char Ellesse, Ben Hurst, Our Streets Now, Deeba Syed and many more .

* Trigger Warning *
Themes surrounding sexual harassment are discussed in this podcast. Each theme of the episode will be slightly different, and tailored to what the guest feels comfortable talking about. All stories discussed on the podcast have been submitted in the knowledge that they will be read out, with consent for first names to be used, or in some cases anonymous.
Each story is openly discussed with the guest from the point of view of personal experience, bearing in mind everyone's experiences to harassment may differ and no reaction is the same.

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