Eliza is a photographer, activist, speaker, creator, curator and podcast host. She is most widely known as the founder of Cheer Up Luv: a platform dedicated to retelling the stories of survivors, empowering their narratives and advocating for the rights of women and marginalised genders.

Seven years later, the series has grown into a globally renowned platform combining art with journalism, activism, social media and a podcast that facilitates discussions about feminism, misogyny, and everyday sexism. The platform aims to raise awareness of the prevalence of misogyny and sexual assault in our daily lives and facilitate helpful conversations while crushing harmful taboos.

Eliza has worked with global organisations like The United Nations, Apple and TEDx. She has been a guest speaker at Nicer Tuesdays, Today At Apple, TEDx, The University of Cambridge, Kings College, Forbes Ignite, Girl Rising and UN Women.

In 2022, alongside artist and illustrator Bee Illustrates, Eliza co-curates Hysterical, a yearly group exhibition and event series running throughout Women's History Month. The annual event platforms many women and non-binary artists reclaiming the term hysterical, and using their voices for change. Following their debut's massive success, they returned in 2023 with
Hysterical: A Celebration of Subversive Art, an event described by the Evening Standard as 'an intimate and cathartic exploration of misogyny.'

They have just returned with Hysterical: Radical Creativity - where Bee and Eliza debuted a collaborative artwork for the first time, a full scale immersive bathroom installation, Vacant // Engaged - where visitors can explore intimate themes of gender identity, safety and public spaces.

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Instagram: @cheerupluv
TikTok: @_cheerupluv
X: @_CheerUpLuv

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"Eliza is a captivating speaker and an inspiration to us all, students and staff. She has an incredible ability to speak with clarity and purpose about complex and sensitive subjects. The highly engaging presentations of her work and her positive activist approach demonstrate the power of creative practice in challenging and rethinking the current challenges faced in the world. The feedback from her talks is always outstanding. Eliza is brilliant." - Dr Tom Ainsworth, Course leader for MA Sustainable Design University of Brighton.

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